Moving Tips!

Green houseYou’ve found your dream home, and Kartikay has helped ease you through the escrow process . . . and guess what? It’s almost time to move!

Kartikay can help with that, too. We’ve pulled together some quick moving tips to help simplify that process and get your into your new home with time and energy to spare.

1 Month Before The Move

Hire a reputable moving company. Whether you’re moving to a new city or to a new neighborhood, doing so will allow you to focus on getting settled.
DIY Movers. If you’re moving yourself, now is a good time to start gathering packing supplies — boxes, tape, bubble wrap . . . and start packing!
Inventory your possessions. Make a list of what you have, and don’t be afraid to de-clutter!
Have a garage sale. Why not sell some of this unnecessary items to someone who could use them? And the extra cash is sure to come in handy.
Change your address with the USPS. You can do this online or in person down at the post office.
Contact your health care professionals. Doctors, dentists, pharmacists . . . Let them know you’re moving, and if you’re re-locating, ask for referrals.
Notify your child’s school. You might need to arrange for a transfer of school records.
Contact your utilities companies. Gas & Electric, Water, Trash, and more.
Pet care. Pets often need special care when moving . . . check with your vet for the best advice.
Insurance. Make sure you’re covered in your new location – home, auto, medical, and life.
Change any magazine subscriptions. Make sure to get the next issue at your new place!
Make travel Arrangements. If you are moving to a new city, make sure your travel arrangements are all set.

1 Week Before The Move

Service your car. Especially if you’re driving to your new location!
Use up perishables. Frozen and refrigerated items often don’t travel very well, so be sure to use them up before the move.
Clean and repair. Rugs, drapes, appliances. This gives you enough time to complete the cleaning and repairs completed. Once they’re returned, pack them up for the movers.
Loose ends. Double-check all dry cleaning, safe deposit boxes, library books, DVDs.

1 Day Before The Move

Disconnect major appliances. Moving them at room temperature helps reduce the likelihood of damage to internal parts.
Defrost refrigerator/freezer. If you need to do this, block doors open so the don’t accidentally close on pets and children.
Pack a box of personal items. Pack a box of items you will need immediately and bring it with you rather than placing it on the moving truck.
Pack up for movers. Leave beds assembled, but do remove and pack linens and blankets.
DIY Movers. Finish packing!

Moving Day!

DIY Movers. Pick up the moving truck early
Supervise movers! Whether you’ve hired a moving company or having friends help with the move, be sure to supervise what’s going on. For those hiring movers, review the bill of lading and inventory before signing them. Keep them in a safe place until all charges have been made and all claims settled.